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Frisco, Colorado

What's an Escape Room?

An escape room is a fully immersive interactive puzzle. You will receive backstory in which you are a main character and then you and your team enter a themed room. In the room you’ll encounter a series of locks, hidden items, clues, secret compartments, and ordinary everyday objects. You must make sense of everything you find and have at hand to complete your task before time runs out. Be quick! You only have an hour…

The Rooms

Finders Keepers

The year is 1908. You’re a miner who’s been down on their luck. You’ve just heard that some school children have found the loot from the Denver Hotel heist. Rumor is that they have stashed it in the schoolhouse until they can get it back to Mr. Foote. Can you sneak into the classroom and steal the watch while the kids finish their luncheon?



2 – 8

Deuces Wile

It’s October 20th, 1881. You are the citizens that noticed that James McWalters’ saloon wasn’t open for business on time. Concerned, you enter through the back door to find that James had been murdered by two men with knives over a poker game dispute. Can you locate both of the murder weapons to help implicate the criminals before the bud guys skip town for good?



2 – 8

Winter Fall

An MI6 agent has gone missing through mysterious circumstances, you play the role of covert operatives investigating his last known position. A small safehouse at an undisclosed location. Your directive is to locate the whereabouts of the missing agent and identify those responsible.



2 – 8

Need a Team Building Activity?

Frisco Escape Room provides an immersive experience that will mentally challenge your team in a battle against time.

Client Testimonials

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

So Much Fun!

This was a highlight of our trip to Colorado! The family is already making plans to come back over our winter visit!

Sarah M.

A Must-Do in Frisco!

Was in Frisco for my honeymoon and some bad weather forced us to change plans. We stumbled upon this gem online and booked an escape. We couldn’t stop talking about it and the puzzles afterwards. Honestly, it was probably the highlight of the trip! This is a must-do if you’re in Frisco!

Rich T.

Best Part of our Trip

We had such an amazing time that we came back and did a second room on the same weekend. Definitely a great family activity we anxiously await visiting the new room when it becomes available.

Amanda M.

Fun for the Whole Family

My kids, ages 17 to 24, really enjoyed the experience. We were on vacation to the area and this was one of the more memorable events for them.

Tom S.

Frisco Escape Room a Blast

Decided to do the Frisco Escape Room as a company team building event for 7 employees. We had a great time working together to solve the puzzle and the Frisco staff were super easy and great to work with. Will definitely do it again!

Sue A.