Today, growing and developing teams requires more than just a company dinner or an occasional happy hour. Lasting and positive change calls for putting individuals and teams through experiences that will challenge and test their interpersonal, communication, and problems solving skills.



Looking for a large-scale experience?

Escape the Rock is a 20-30 minute mobile escape game in which up to five teams of 4-8 must work together to advance their rescue beacon to the top of Half Dome to be rescued before the storm of the year rolls in.  It is a great “bolt on” activity for any existing event.  Escape the Rock has been designed specifically to promote specific teamwork skills such as communication, conflict management, group decision making, leadership and support.



details :

Can accommodate up to 40 participants every 30 minutes.

20’ x 40’ space required

Playable indoors or outside.

Customizable options available.

Call for additional information and booking (970) 668-9669